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Hi There, Here's the low Down....
So I take it you want to know a little more about myself. My name is Skull and I have been Tattooing since 1983 and Piercing since 1990.
It all began when I met a Tattooist called Stevie King from the London area, I used to draw designs for him and eventually he showed me the ropes, not all but I soon discovered most of what I needed to know. I tattooed friends and family for a while and eventually started out by myself as a mobile tattoo Artist when I was confident in my ability.
I then opened a Tattoo studio in Partnership but that was not what I really wanted so the shop closed as I could not work with someone else, as I have firm ideas how things should be done.
I then opened "Tattoo Krazy" and things couldn't be better. I have established a firm grounding in this studio and it has gone from strength to strength. I have won quite a few awards including the best biker style tattoo at the Isle of Man Tattoo convention. My studio is Health authority Registered and I am a member of A.P.T.A (Association of Professional Tattoo Artists). My studio uses the most modern techniques available with No corners cut.! I do not make my own needles up, but prefer to buy them in already pre-packaged and sterile.
Each Client receives New Needles, Gloves, Ink caps, Inks, Razors, and Spatulas for their ink work and even Transfers used on clients are all new to eliminate the risk of cross infection, which is then disposed of in their presence. Nothing is hidden in this studio and all questions are readily answered to make you, the client at ease. All re-useable items (clamps, scissors and tubes) are All cleaned in ultrasonics with heaters in a fluid active against Hepatitis, HIV etc. then rinsed. They are then dried and put into autoclave pouches and heat sealed.. They are then transferred to one of my two Autoclaves (sterilisers). I have two Autoclaves, Both front loading, one is a non - vacuum for unwrapped non hollow instruments, the other is a vacuum model for pouched hollow instruments. These autoclaves are serviced and tested twice yearly as guidelines require.
My studio is regularly checked by the Environmental Health.
Piercing's, I only use sterilised and pouched jewellery( titanium ) only for all piercing's, and as with tattoos all instruments are opened and disposed of in the presence of all clients.
Well, there you go, Hope you find the above interesting and look forward to seeing you soon. This studio runs an appointment only system, so please book well in advance as I am always busy( means I am doing something right Eh!).
Don't Be fooled by cheap imitations or under cutters, you only get one chance to get it right, Cheap means what it says... YOUR HEALTH is Paramount in this Studio, accept Nothing less
Cheers and Happy Inking
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